Fundraising Update

We are extremely happy to announce that we’ve passed the $65,000 mark for fundraising!

Go Skate Day at Ambleside was a huge success as well, bringing in close to $3,700 for the park renovation. This could not have been possible without the generous donations from Supra Distribution, Take 5 Trading, and Timebomb Trading. Thank you again.

The eBay auctions continue with boards being added weekly. Check out the listings here. This could not be possible without the generous board donations from Bob Kronbauer.

Stay posted for more updates as the Ambleside Skatepark Project continues.

Ambleside eBay Update

For those who missed it, here’s the link again to the eBay auction page. All proceeds from the sales go towards the Ambleside Skatepark renovation.

Again, a massive thank you to Bob Kronbauer for generously donating all of the items that we’ve sold and are continuing to sell.

Here are a few of the sales that have already finished (click to view page):

 KennyAnderson GirlBoards


Be sure to stay updated on the eBay page to see what new boards go on sale!




Vancouver Is Awesome Board Donation

Bob K. from Vancouver Is Awesome gives an insight on why he has generously donated 100 collectable boards to raise funds for the Ambleside Skatepark Project. Check out the full story HERE.

HERE is a link to the Ebay store where the boards are being auctioned. I don’t imagine that many of you reading this are hardcore skateboarding fans who want to buy collectible skateboards for hundreds of dollars each, but I wanted to share the story to hopefully encourage you to donate directly to the cause. Chip in a few bucks and help kids over on the North Shore and in West Van get the park they deserve. The original one was built 20 years ago and has since become difficult to skate.”


ebay Board Auctions Have Begun

Our good friend Bob K. has donated his skateboard collection and we will be auctioning them on ebay over the next month to raise money for The Ambleside Skatepark Project! This includes many rare and classic boards that are sure to fetch a pretty penny for the cause!

Thanks again Bob, we are so grateful for this donation!!
Check out some of the first ebay auctions here.


Go Skate Day Tomorrow!

The day is quickly approaching and we are pumped for this years Go Skate Day at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver! We have 4 special guests in attendance: Marc JohnsonChris RobertsTony Ferguson, and Rick McCrank. We will be taking donations to for the re-build of the Ambleside Skatepark Project and hosting a BBQ, Best Trick Contest, and also a raffle to win some great prizes!

Need some help getting there? No problem, click here for the map and directions on how to get there.