Original Gonz Artwork + Signed REAL Board

If you haven’t seen on our eBay page, there are some very awesome auctions that are currently happening.

Tommy Guerrero personally donated these two pieces to us for the Ambleside Skatepark fundraiser.

First is a Real Skateboards deck signed by Tommy himself. This is a must have for any DLX fan or collector.

Next is a piece of art hand drawn by Mark Gonzales. This is a once in a lifetime chance to own an original piece of art form the legendary Gonz. It measures 14 inches high by 18 inches wide.

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Fundraising Update

We are extremely happy to announce that we’ve passed the $65,000 mark for fundraising!

Go Skate Day at Ambleside was a huge success as well, bringing in close to $3,700 for the park renovation. This could not have been possible without the generous donations from Supra Distribution, Take 5 Trading, and Timebomb Trading. Thank you again.

The eBay auctions continue with boards being added weekly. Check out the listings here. This could not be possible without the generous board donations from Bob Kronbauer.

Stay posted for more updates as the Ambleside Skatepark Project continues.

Ambleside eBay Update

For those who missed it, here’s the link again to the eBay auction page. All proceeds from the sales go towards the Ambleside Skatepark renovation.

Again, a massive thank you to Bob Kronbauer for generously donating all of the items that we’ve sold and are continuing to sell.

Here are a few of the sales that have already finished (click to view page):

 KennyAnderson GirlBoards


Be sure to stay updated on the eBay page to see what new boards go on sale!