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Ambleside Skatepark Project Approved!

We’ve received the amazing news that the Ambleside Skatepark Project has been approved by the West Vancouver Council! This is a major step towards the new Ambleside Skatepark becoming a reality.

Rebuilding could begin as early as September 2015 if the remainder of the funding is reached. The entire project will cost approximately $400,000, which will mostly need to come from private donations.

To help support, you can purchase our limited Ambleside collaborative apparel with Chocolate Skateboards and Matix, donate via our “Donate” page, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with any and all news!

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Ambleside Skatepark Project on Kickstarter

Ambleside Skatepark Project

The Ambleside Skatepark Project

An initiative to re-design & re-build West Vancouver’s Ambleside Skatepark

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBPuAXelEow?rel=0]

West Vancouver’s iconic waterfront Ambleside Skatepark is in need of repair and Eric Savics is leading the charge to re-design and re-build the outdated and weathered skatepark.

Eric is working towards raising $150,000 total in funds to complete the project. He has raised half that already through corporate sponsorships, local organizations and members of the community.

Now it’s time for parents, skateboarders and youth athletic associations to join in. He has launched a project on Kickstarter and aims to raise $10,000 CAN by October 27th to help reach the projects main fundraising goal. The Kickstarter project has raised over $1,000 within its first two weeks and hopes to exceed its goal.

“We aim to begin construction in late spring 2015,” says Eric. “Our vision is to build a progressive and modern skate plaza like stoner park in Santa Monica.”

To learn more about the project, visit www.AmblesideSkatepark.com.

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Autographed Chocolate City Series Now For Sale!

Don’t miss out on the once in a lifetime chance to win this entire 11 deck Chocolate Skateboards City Series, individually autographed by each team rider.

The set was generously donated to us on behalf of Girl and Chocolate to help us fundraise for the Ambleside Skatepark Project.

This series is hard enough to track down on its own, let alone signed by the entire team!

Find the link HERE!

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